A Vita not in the 3rd person? Yes, I like to go another way - and feel  the personal form more beautiful.



Would you like to sit with me for a moment and join me on this beautiful moon night? My name is Eve Akasha.


Eve is the English version of Eva. "The Life-Giving One"

is one of many meanings.


Akasha is Indian and means the heavenly one. I like to wander through as a fairy or elf the night, watch the people from one place or another. I often enjoy retreating to beautiful places
Silence and loneliness.



Do you also like to watch the stars, the moon?

At night, when the stars sparkle and the moon's light enchants me, I often get lost in images that I see appear in my thoughts.
Have you ever watched shooting stars?

The realm of dreams is my favorite place to stay. Everything is possible there, there are no limits, and time is suspended. Some of these dreams I implement artistically in the form of drawings, poems, or mystical sounds..


I always rely on my feelings.


Dream worlds, myths, fairy tales are my mental home.


My exchange with other artists is an inspiration for new thoughts. We're all interwoven. Of my nature, I am very sensitive. But despite the dark worlds, I like to laugh and shine. I don't like to be classified stylistically. I myself grew up in an artist's house. My father was a painter. So I was able to develop my creative vein in early childhood. When I am seized by the creative inspiration, I often leave everything standing and lying. Sometimes I forget to sleep and eat.

But like many other artists


I couldn't live by art so far. I don't want to
put under time pressure, but with love, desire and passion
create something. . .




Will you come with me?

 to walk a little more in the silver light of the moon?


love and ivory dust,


Eve Akasha